This driving instructor TOTALLY freaked out for no reason!

He acted like a jealous girlfriend!

This driving instructor TOTALLY freaked out for no reason!
Source: Pexels

What do you do when your driving test is coming up but your instructor is fully booked? Get classes with a new one, of course! Well, that was Matt Connell's plan of action, but as soon as his current driving instructor found out about his plans Matt realised he may have made a huge error... according to his driving instructor, that is!

The unnamed British instructor acted a lot like a jealous ex-girlfriend when Matt let him know that he'd booked extra lessons with somebody else leading up to his test, and his texts were met with outrage to say the least! Matt tweeted the texts between him and the clingy instructor, and the wold is now laughing along with the UK teen.

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Source: Twitter

With over 20 000 retweets in 1 day, this green-eyed driving instructor must feel like quite a fool. With texts like that, we're pretty sure the guy has some serious road rage issues too! Yikes!