Miss Teen USA has ditched the swimwear round for THIS...

This is what the girls will be wearing on Saturday instead...

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For 33 years Miss Teen USA has included a swimwear round in their pageant. With growing concerns about the sexualisation of young girls, the pageant recently announced that 2016 would be the first year to see this category fall away. Opting for a more body positive option, swimwear will be replaced with athletic wear, promoting a healthy lifestyle more than a 'bikini-ready' body.

This weekend, we finally got a sneak peak of the athletic wear the girls will be sporting - and it's even cuter than you'd imagine....

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In the past, the teenage beauty queens would appear onstage in skimpy bikinis like the contestants pictured here from 2007. With body positivity becoming a welcomed phenomenon in modern pop culture, it was clear that the objectification had no place in the 21st century.

So what did they replace the bikinis with?? Find out on the next page!

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Sports bras and leggings will be seen onstage this year when the 51 contestants take to the runway for the athletic wear competition. Sponsored by the pageant's official sportswear partner, Tapout, the outfits will be custom made to fit each state. California's sporty combo features its majestic purple and orange sunsets.

While we will only be able to see most of the contestant's outfits when the pageant airs on Saturday, one other state's athletic wear has been released.... Go to the next page to see what Miss Teen Kansas will be wearing!

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The iconic sun flower will be adorn the second athletic outfit to be released! To see the other 49, you'll have to tune in on Saturday 30 July at 8pm ET.

So what do you think? Are these outfits enough to stop the objectification of young girls?