You've been eating your sushi wrong all this time...

This is how to really eat with chopsticks!

You've been eating your sushi wrong all this time...
Source: Pixabay

Hands up if you absolutely LOVE sushi!




Sorry I was just waving my hands in the air with more enthusiasm than a cast away trying to grab the attention of a search and rescue helicopter. Except when it comes to sushi, I could probably out-eat any starving cast away. Even if the dude's been living off coconuts for the past month. Yup, I'm pretty sushi obsessed...

Problem is, when it comes to using chopsticks.... let's just say my enthusiasm wears thin. I can't tell you how many times a slippery salmon rose has escaped my pathetic grip and splattered into my bowl of soy sauce. And nobody want a soy-soaked salmon rose! You feel me?

Don't worry, this video will show you exactly where you've been going wrong, and you can start enjoying your sushi without making a fool of yourself!

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Source: Youtube

It's that easy?? In this video, authentic sushi chef, Hiroyuki Terada, explains exactly how to use chopsticks.... the right way! All it involves is using your thumb, index and middle finger to moved one stick up and down while the other one rests firmly on your ring finger. This method is so precise you can move individual pieces of rice, and Terada shows in this clip.

I know what I'm grabbing for lunch today!