Remember Matilda? Well here's what she looks like today!

20 years later you won't recognise her!

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You weren't a true child of the 90s if you never watched Matilda. The screen adaption of Roald Dahl's beloved book WAS your childhood. You really wanted to try one of those chocolates in the Trunchbull's house, even though they were "much too good for children", you were absolutely terrified of the chokey, and you definitely tried to move things with your mind at least one. Oh, and of course, Matilda was your hero!

Well, believe it or not, Matilda was filmed 20 years ago, and little Matilda (or Mara Wilson, as she's called IRL) is all grown up! You won't believe what she looks like and what she's up to these day!

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Source: Instagram

 Mara Wilson is a grownup - can you believe it! But even though she is now 28-years-old, she still has that dark hair with bangs and bright blue eyes we remember all too well from out favourite childhood film. "Imagine that when you were a child, you liked to finger-paint," she wrote on her blog. "It was a fun pastime, but it came easily to you, so you never took much pride in it... You’ve realized you don’t particularly enjoy getting your hands dirty and that there are other outlets for your creative urges."

A tragic blow to any kid who watched and rewatched their Matilda VHS a million times back in the 90s! But if Matilda taught us anything, it's that anything is possible! So we won't lose hope just yet...