This is Gigi Hadid's secret to a flat tummy!

Her number 1 diet tip is even better than you'd imagine

Do you think Gigi Hadid has ever been told she was too fat? With those abs, not in a million years! But the truth is that this is exactly what she was told by a modelling agent years ago. Fast forward to 2016 and she has a rock star body which she flaunts along runways of famous designers on on covers of fashion magazine around the world.

So how did she get those rock hard abs and gorgeous body? She's shared her secret, and it's on the next page...

This is Gigi Hadid's secret to a flat tummy!

"Eat clean to stay fit. Have a burger to stay sane!"

That is her motto! The trick isn't to deprive yourself completely - that will only lead to binge eating when you finally give in to your craving. Everything in moderation. This tip helps with weight loss, and if you won't take Gigi's word for it, then check out this study that confirms it...

Indulging in that chocolate bar or cheese burger is totally ok, as long as it's not a daily thing. Science shows that a 'cheat meal' is not only ok - it's recommended! Not only does it give you a psychological boost, but it also gives you an energy boost that stabilizes your metabolism. 

Just remember, a cheat meal isn't a cheat day. Stick to the 9/10 rule where 90% of your meals are healthy, and with the remaining 10% you can give in to your sweet tooth. So next time you feel guilty about that slice of pizza - don't! It's your secret weapon to get a body worthy of the Victoria's Secret runway, just like Gigi Hadid!