How he behaves after having Sex and what it means!

It will show you, if you have to stay away from him

He falls asleep immediately - turning his back on you

Of course, he he is sleepy after having sex. But you should be angry if he does´t put his arm around you. 

Either he is not confident enough and does´t know how to react. Or he is not interested in a relationship with you. Having a conversation with him, is the best way to figure it out.  So no one gets hurt.

He wants to talk about it

Probably, he wants to boost his ego and likes to hear that the Sex was awesome. It also means he is interested in you and your opinion. This way he can make you happy. This is definitely helpful for a good relationship.

How he behaves after having Sex and what it means!

He sleeps at home

If he disappears right after sex, he is definetely not interested in you. This sends you a clear signal!

If you're okay with that; all good then! However if you have feelings for him, you should stop it.

He puts his arm around you!

.. and also stays for breakfast? Well, Congratulations! You have found the right man. He feels comfortable with you and does´t want to leave you!