Artist Draws A Comic Every Day For His Girlfriend For 5 Years

They're hilariously relatable and ever so adorable.

When illustrator, Pete Duffield, met his girlfriend, Kellie, on a dating app 5 years ago he, decided to start documenting the funny, endearing moments they shared as a couple. While at first his daily illustrations were seen only by Kellie, the pair decided to create an Instagram account some years later to share their daily adventures with the world. When they decided to have a baby, Poppy entered the mix too. 

Pete's illustrations now focus on their family of three. The perfect mix of adorable moments with their now toddler and a dash crude language and humor, his comics are relatably hilarious.

Start the gallery to see my favorite picks from the family's Instagram account! 

1. Warm Nights

His illustrations capture small, precious moments that might otherwise have gone forgotten.

2. Kellie and baby both hiccuping like crazy

He documented every day of her pregnancy too. What an amazing keepsake for the family to look at in years to come! 

3. Spooning technique no.73

The couple sure loves to spoon (this is one spooning illustration of many).

4. The time Kellie was in the garden and caught me flexing in the mirror post-workout

The illustrator isn't afraid to laugh at himself too!

5. Spooning Technique no. 83 - The Accidental Knees

Yet another spooning technique, one many of us can relate to!

6. When Kellie is about to give me a massage and is applying the oil/lotion, she pretends she's a guy ejaculating on me...

The couple is very candid about the silly things they do in private, proving every couple has their quirks! 

7. He loves his daughter

Poppy is clearly the apple of her dad's eye.

8. Poppy's first swim, and someone does a poo in the pool

I sure hope it wasn't Poppy! 

9. About 2am Poppy comes into our bed. This is her preferred sleeping position

Who here can relate??

10. The time I didn't realize I had a hole in my pants and my balls were hanging out.

Another hilarious moment from the couple's day to day life.

11. Kellie sometimes does this weird thing where she bares her teeth and gums - we call it the old dog face - and stares at me in silence waiting for me to notice.

Haha! I do this with my boyfriend too!!

12. Kellie does the most amazing job raising Poppy. She dedicates every waking moment to making Poppy happy and I couldn't be more proud of her. We love you Mummy ❤️

He really appreciates everything Kellie does for their little family, and it shows! 

13. When I try and be sexy but just look like a particularly feminine girl.

Kellie wasn't quite as into is as he'd hoped...

14. When Kellie is having a hard time I try my best to help her through it, because I know she'll do the same for me. Take care of each other, guys x

This is a story of true love! I hope everyone finds a Pete to their Kellie :)